Indian Gujarati Embroidered Chakla Textile Wall Hanging

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This beautiful, heavily embroidered Gujarati Chakla was once used to decorate the homes of the Kambi farmers of the Mahajan community, Saurasthra area of Gujarat who hand wove this beautiful piece themselves.

The embroidery work is all hand stitched. Filled with symbolic images of medallions, which are a traditional folk art icon representing creation; flowers offer blessings in fertility and chevrons along the edges with a slight stem stitch along the top which represent temples of the mother goddess. It is also decorated with beautiful shisha mirrors which signify good fortune and in just the right light will gleam, like sunlight on a pond.

Bring a bit of western India into your home with this beautiful bohemian textile with an incredible amount of history behind it!

Size: 39" x 39”

*All orders come with a free pack of Nag Champa incense and includes free 2nd class postage to anywhere in the UK.*


For millenniums, India has produced sophisticated textiles and with its’ location on the Silk Route they have been traded throughout the world. In India, textiles are to be found everywhere. They were made for the family to wear, for adorning animals and homes, for religious ceremonies, festivals, births and dowries. These embroideries were a significant part of the traditional way of Indian culture. Two of the most sacred old texts of India, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata, speak to how these textiles were used over four thousand years ago.

The most commonly used background fabric is woven cotton with embroidery thread of cotton, silk, wool, silver and gold. The present day Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh, which are particularly arid, desert regions, make some of the finest and brightest needlework textiles in the world. It is said: The harsher the environment, the harder the life, the brighter the color, the greater and more intricate the craft. The women of the State of Gujarat, particularly, are known for their prolific and exquisite embroideries. The finer the embroideries the higher the status of the woman in her husband’s family.

Please Note these items are hand crafted vintage items.
-No two items are identical
-Coins and engravings are not perfect or symmetrical
-Dents, scratches and missing links, stones or coins may occur
These are not faults or imperfections, they tell the story of the history and traditions in which they originate from, and should be embraced.