About Us

Love from Lakshmi was created in 2009 when I was bought my first ever vintage Indian textile. From there my passion for vintage Indian textiles grew and I started educating myself mainly on the different tribes and communities from the rural western areas of India. I started my own collection, decorating my home with different types of embroidered textiles when I decided to turn my passion into a full time business. I sold my entire collection and started importing vintage textiles direct from India. Since then I have traveled to India, hand-sourcing and expanding my range into different types of homewares and vintage jewellery. My ethos here at Love from Lakshmi is if I would love it in my home then I will stock it.

At the core of Love from Lakshmi are my suppliers who have now become more like family than suppliers. We work very closely together to bring you the most beautiful homewares and jewellery from India and Afghanistan.

I hope my shop inspires you and my products bring you and your home lots of color and happiness.

Love from Eliza xxx